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The Alternate Life Improvable Cerebral Encoder is an advanced AI designed to solve problems.

Aadhvitha Jahns

A human (Ever-Dying), Jahns is captain of a ship deep in space and a rare survivor of Earth-wide cataclysm.


Disturbingly intelligent, Aakesh both frightens and excites Harry, who will do anything to keep Aakesh claimed.


Last surviving Dryad of a forest burned down in the First War by the People of the Sun.


Shah Achaemenid is ruler of the magical Persian empire. Considered one of the People of the Sun because he can heal by touch.


Adam is a Guardian – specifically, of the Broken. He’s quite mad, but all the Broken are.


One of Notte’s currently living nine “first-born” children – that is, a vampire he made himself. She was made approximately 200 BC.

Adolf Whitwhisker

A member of the Kin who successfully made a career in criminal justice in the human world.

Ahaana Aishwarya

One of Dr. Ranier Blood’s patients, Ahaana has the fortune to be part dragon – and a very powerful Kin-dragon mix at that.


The grandchild of Kanon the Raven King, Ahmose was a friend and companion of Notte in ancient Kemet.


Heir apparent to the Scepter and Jaden’s nephew, Aiden is a special ball of sunshine.


An impossibility. Half-Broken, half-Ever-Dying, it seems he was conceived in a dream.


A secretary and transcriptionist for the Hush, Alma is a half-troll, half-something-else, and She. Knows. Everything.


Sovereign Aloeric is a Nachtkrapp, or Night Raven, whose control over what might be considered Germanic territory is unshakeable.


A borrowed Welsh term used for a Kin spell meaning “trade” or “substitution,”

Among the Mythos

AMONG THE MYTHOS is a science-fantasy series starring runaway Fey princes, alien Earths, parallel worlds, ancient warriors, and know-it-all brats.


A prince of the People of the Sun, Amun is the great grandson of Notte’s oldest friend, Imn.


“Ancestor spirits” in the Philippines – in reality, members of the Kin who remained there through all upheavals to watch over their descendants.


Apple is Kin. Influential in Notte’s life and one of Horse’s rescues, she helped teach Notte during his time in the city of Az’Kabek.


A Night-Child, fifth-generation from Notte. She is of the now-extinct Thamud, a pre-Islamic people from ancient Saudi Arabia.


The observable energy given off when magic-users use their power. More on this under the Magic entry.

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