Gorish is a Sundered One, and one of the primary characters of The Sundered.

For whatever awesome reason, Gorish inspires a LOT of fanart. Check it out before you leave!

Gorish is low-tier, too low to number, a weak and inexpensive slave. Small, with frog-like eyes and orange, nubbly skin, he has suction-cup fingertips and a lot of baggage. Anyone who speaks to him can see he’s been used a few too many times and a little too hard.

For some reason, he loves his owner, Harry. For some reason, he sees the tender boy Harry used to be, instead of the bitter young man.

Maybe that’ll be enough to bring Harry back to himself. Or maybe, it’ll be enough to damn him.

[box type=”warning”] From this point on, you are entering serious spoiler territory.[/box]

Gorish is one of the last to be born from Motherwater. As such, he doesn’t fall into the ridiculous tier categories the humans invented; he’s sixth-born, which he shares with Quimby and many others, and as such, is among the most creative and strangest of all the Sundered Ones.

Each “generation” of Sundered One absorbed the entirety of those that came before. Gorish, Quimby, and all the young’uns therefore got the best of the Sundered Ones: intelligence, maturity, compassion, artistry, playfulness, and more.

Gorish in particular leaned toward creative endeavors. His favorite color is orange, and his favorite hobby is akin to chemistry; he loves to take apart things at the molecular level and turn them into something else.

He also has an unusually large heart, and no, I don’t mean physically.

All the Sundered Ones are one; this is important to understand. However, at the same time, they’re individuals. It’s rather like how you, one being, can have numerous thoughts and feelings at the same time.

Gorish is particularly empowered in discernment. Gorish fell in love with Harry the moment they locked eyes (and this isn’t a romantic love, exactly; it’s more complicated than that). It was Gorish’s love and perception of Harry that affects the rest of the Sundered Ones’ attitudes toward that human boy. Bakura will never actually harm Harry because of Gorish’ love; Aakesh is far gentler with Harry than he would be because of Gorish’s love.

Gorish’s primary role in the Sundered was a portrayal of innocence, of undeserved affection, and of the power of innocent and unwavering love. He won over Harry to the point that Harry – who’d been raised to see Sundered Ones as beasts of burden – became a Sundered sympathizer, and he did it simply by being himself.

Gorish is, in the majority of the book, also very damaged. Each time a Sundered One “dies,” the humans threw what they assumed was the corpse into the water. Naturally, Motherwater revived them; but these deaths, separated even slightly from their brethren thanks to The Hope, had a cost. “Death” for a Sundered One before the Hope’s destruction essentially meant some esse1ntial part of themselves was lost.

Possibly forever. They don’t know yet; not enough time has passed after The Sundered’s events to see if true healing can be obtained.

Gorish died… a lot. A lot. 542 covers some of what happened to him. It’s a strange place for him to be in, legitimately more intelligent and creative than most of the Sundered Ones, but clearly broken. Broken to the point that Harry – and every human they meet – assume Gorish is an idiot.

He’s far, far from it, but he has a long way to go before he’s healed. If he can be healed. Time will tell.

(I should mention, by the way, that “he” is a quirk of the English language. Gorish tried on genders like all the Sundered Ones did when humans arrived just because it was fascinating; now that that’s all over with, and the Sundered Ones can resume their shape-changin ways, he’s abandoned the whole genitalia thing. It wasn’t really that interesting.)

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