One of Notte’s currently living nine “first-born” children – that is, a vampire he made himself. He was made approximately 1000 AD.

Roderick was an honest-to-goodness knight in the unwritten, now-forgotten traditions of King Arthur (who, thanks to Merlin, still lives, but that’s another story). By the time Roderick came around, most of the traditions begun by that Ever-Dying king had fallen by the wayside of war and attrition, but Roderick was still known through what was to become England as a man of great honor.

He once was known as Percival, but that was a title more than a name, and he no longer uses it.

Notte chose to make him after witnessing him stand alone against an invading army to defend a village with no chance of success. Roderick’s decision to defend the helpless at any cost and the calm, noble way he faced his own death impressed Notte greatly.

Roderick is one of the most responsible and even-keeled of Notte’s children, and is usually left in charge when Notte has to step out of the picture.