Name meaning: Night (Italian – he picked that one)

Other names: Naktam (sanskrit); Night-child; Nox Eterna; the Blood King.

He’s probably the oldest living creature among the Mythos. The father of all vampires (or Night Children, as they’re called), he’s a mystery; no one knows where the heck he came from, or who made him.

It says a lot that the Night Children are such an influence in the magical world that they do not fall into the category of Kin, even though no one is born a vampire.

Only humans can become Night Children. (At least, that’s the general understanding.) This is important. If the rest of the Mythos thought that anyone but Ever-Dying could be transformed and stolen from one People to Another, there’d be war.

Of course, any war against this guy tends to go… not so well for the aggressors.

The details will all be made known in the upcoming book, Notte.

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