Name meaning: Night (Italian – he picked that one)

Other names: Naktam; Night-King; Nox Aeterna; the Blood King; Lord of the Night Whispers; and of course, just Night.

Notte by Celine Chapus (colored by Ruthanne Reid)

He’s one of the oldest living beings among the Mythos. The father of all vampires (or Night Children, as they’re called), he’s a mystery; no one knows where the heck he came from, or who made him.

Thanks to his influence, Night Children do not fall into the category of Kin, even though no one is born a vampire. They are of The Darkness, at least technically.

He doesn’t look powerful. He’s been described as young, with large, soulful eyes and enormous brown curls. A poet’s face hiding a monster’s appetite, or so he’s phrased it.

It should be noted that he is intimately connected to every single Night Child. He feels them all; he can always find them, and knows if they’re in pleasure or pain, yet he’s able to hang on to his own mind due to his hard-earned self-control – or possibly because Death himself is responsible for the composition of Notte’s brain.

More on that in the upcoming book, BELOVED, NOTTE.

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