A city in the world of The Sundered known for violence and aggression.

From this point on, you are entering serious spoiler territory.

Bek is an isolated city, and one with a militaristic bent. In fact, it’s a perfect example of what was going on in the world while Harry searched for the Hope, all unaware; without his knowledge, the political powers-that-be in the city of Bek had heeded the warnings, counted, the cost, and finally decided the only way to survive was to take control of the Sundered and kill the ones they didn’t own.

It might seem a little short-sighted, but these are humans we’re talking about. We’ve never been all that smart when it comes to limited resources.

In his research, Artemus Parnum unfortunately thought he’d found those who agreed with him, and shared more than he should have of his plan. His plan, however, was to end all the Sundered; theirs was to keep the best for themselves. End result: Parnum became enemy number one, and only escaped Bek with his life because he always gave preemptive orders to his Sundered Ones.

Bek and Parnum ended up in a deadly race from there on out: both wanted to reach The Hope; Bek was determined not only to get there first, but to kill Parnum before he could ruin their chances at winning the war they made up.

Aware of Bek’s plans (as he is pretty much aware of everything), Aakesh maneuvered Bakura into Parnum’s clutches, knowing that Bakura’s strength would allow him to subtly disobey Parnum’s orders long enough to manipulate the situation.

(And Harry Iskinder stumbled into the middle of all this without a clue as to what was really going on. Seems to be that kid’s lot in life, doens’t it?)

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