Soothsayers are an odd religious sect in the world of The Sundered. Entirely female, this particular branch of believers decided a few generations past that the Sundered Ones should be worshiped like enslaved gods, rather than simply enslaved.

Obviously, it’s a little more complicated than that. The real truth is it began as a front for drug-running – specifically, the production and sale of dream leaves, a hallucinogenic plant custom-designed for human use.

Governments in the world of The Sundered aren’t thrilled with its existence, but are generally aware that humans need some kind of outlet – and in a flooded world with absolutely no hope of long-term survival, a plant that makes you dream weird stuff is a pretty minor offense.

Of course, none of them ever really suspected what dream leaves were for, but that’s another story.

The Soothsayers are the only licensed, legal growers and harvesters of dream leaves, and over time, developed a sort of cult around their use. Some say the Soothsayers hoped to avoid retribution by treating their Sundered Ones kindly; others say it’s just a front.

Given that the Soothsayers were willing to help in the development of Testy, this author’s opinion leans toward the latter… but who am I to say?