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Terrance's Arc

Life and Death Holding Hands

He got away with it all. In the end, it was the damned cows that caught him.

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I can see the life leave you.

You died for nothing.

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A Little Something Dark

He was the assassin, the executioner, the bringer of death for the Blood King. After all, Terrance understood death better than most.

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Dr. Ranier Blood's Arc


Court-appointed therapy doesn’t go quite the way Rapunzel thought it would.

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Rumors of her appear in the news, but who can credit tales of a pale little girl freezing things with a single, bloodied touch?

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The Bread, the Harp, the Coil of Gold


“This is your test,” she says, and to my dismay, her voice carries the tinny echo of magic, a compelling power.

Not the usual conversation one has upon entering a magical psychologist’s office.

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Stories About Notte and the Night Children

Nero is Mad, of Course

A mad Roman emperor. An ancient depressed vampire. A bizarre evening to remind the Blood King why life is worth living.

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No Reparations Are Expected At This Time

Just the aftermath of a strange day, a strange letter, and some under-the-table un-wisdom. A continuation of HALF-SHELL PROPHECIES.

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He’d always painted what he saw; these visions pushed him, bled out his eyes, and the only cure for augural blindness was to splatter it out in colors, shapes, forms. A continuation of HALF-SHELL PROPHECIES.

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Ravena has her reasons for refusing Notte – and none of them involve survival. Terrance, meanwhile, has no reason to doubt Notte… except for the new fear Notte might leave him.. A continuation of HALF-SHELL PROPHECIES.


This short story is part of a much bigger universe, and on the off-chance you’re picking it up without context, allow me to give you a few tidbits so you can just sit back, read, and enjoy.

To Read Before

The free short story, EXPECTED.


This is the world of the Mythos, an alternate history of Earth with pocket dimensions and magical shenanigans. While all manner of beings populate it, this story deals primarily with Night Children, otherwise called vampires. Night Children are humans who have been transformed into powerful beings by an exchange of blood.


Knife: a specialized assassin, dedicated to the welfare and safety of the one who holds their oath.


  • Notte

    Notte: the first and most powerful of all Night Children, Notte is the “Father” of them all, and he takes that very seriously. Every decision he makes is to ensure his family’s safety and happiness—including strict control to help them keep their bloodlust under wraps. Not everyone appreciates that.

  • Ravena

    Ravena: his oldest “child,” she broke away from Notte three hundred years ago to form her own family of vampires. She believes that both she and Notte have outlived their time, and that he especially needs to die—but Notte believes that if he dies, so will his children, so he won’t take the risk. His death is the only thing he’s never been willing to give her. Because she was once his Knife, she feels possessive of and bound to him, and refuses to die herself until she can ensure he does, too.

  • Terrance

    Terrance: Notte’s current Knife, Terrance does the messy work—hunting rogue vampires, removing threats to the family—and he does it with gusto. Once a thief and murderer in 12th century Ireland, he loves being Notte’s Knife as much as he loves being Notte’s, and there’s nothing he’s not willing to do. He might be a little bit of a psychopath, but at least he has a healthy outlet.

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan: he doesn’t appear in this story, but he does play a big part. He’s an impossibility: a magic-user who became a vampire, which simply doesn’t happen. His particular skill is telling the future by painting it, and he’s never wrong. He was Ravena’s, once upon a time, but Ravena doesn’t take well to rebellion, and she tortured him for years. Notte finally took Jonathan away from her because in her anger she was going to kill him.

  • Seishirou

    Seishirou: Ravena’s “Sword”—which is her version of Knife—he was an honorable Samurai centuries before when Ravena took him. He’s been unerringly faithful to her with one single exception: in the story Jonathan, he helped Jonathan escape Ravena and go to Notte, a transition Ravena considers theft. Seishirou had good reason for it, but she doesn’t respond well to betrayal, so he’s been doing all he could to hide his involvement. Unfortunately for him, she already knows.

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Ancient vampire Notte has tea with a friend right in the middle of some… family business. Awkward!

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Hi, lovely readers! This story is actually a sneak-peek of the future, after Notte’s book , so I feel it’s only right to give you a little context. Here’s what you need to know.

The Setup

 Far in our future, the magical and non-magical peoples of the earth are trying to sign a really important peace accord. Everyone from fiery djinn to ordinary humans (the “Ever-Dying” thanks to our relatively short lifespans) are in attendance.

The Speaker

Notte is 15,000 years old, the father of all vampires, called Night Children, and he’s more than a little frightening.


Notte spots a human politician carrying her infant son. This politician is totally based on Italian politician Licia Ronzulli, who brings her baby to parliament with her.

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The Twins

A deliciously creepy side story with vampires, a dying Earth, and a secret organization. Dark, mildly disturbing, and – if you’ve read THE SUNDERED – you might recognize a name.

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Stories All Around the Mythos

Ask Your Parents First

Just a story about magic, cereal boxes, and long-lost Mesoamerica gods. No, who am I kidding? It’s about a badass convenience store manager with a taser.

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Club Hedgie (and Two Other Stories)

Club Hedgie, Dante’s Inferno, and The Doctor Will See You Now: three short stories following Fey, a dragon, and a very confused hedgehog.

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The Big Palooka (and Two Other Stories)

The Big Palooka, Shadow Seed, and Wolf: three short stories following flappers, vampires, and other People of the Darkness.

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Eugene discovers he is Kin  – part-human, part something else – and then runs into monster-buster LUCY DECEMBER. Hell of a day, Eugene.


(This story is a crossover between the LUCY DECEMBER series by John Morey and mine. If you’re up for that, read on! Otherwise, head back to the short stories for safer fare.)

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They Come

I thought we’d have longer. I thought I’d grow up. They only come when the oldest natural dies. Then they come, and they take our hearts. I don’t want to die.

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No Home

A sad little tale following a type of creature even the ancient vampire Notte knows nothing about: a creature of The Dream. Explanation is given at the end. Enjoy.

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Ten Tips for Raising Your Baby Dragon

You didn’t know you needed advice from a brand-new adoptive mama and her baby dragon, did you? Well, you do. Trust me on this. I’m (not) a doctor. A continuation of The Christmas Dragon.

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Smile (Flash Fiction)

A pretty lady always knows how to smile. (Flash Fiction)

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Hell of a Letter (Flash Fiction)

Punish me, will you? Two can play this game. (Flash Fiction)

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Ghosts Don’t

Ghosts don’t mean to scare you. A free-form poem.

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Moths (Flash Fiction)

The moths came when you left.  (Flash Fiction)

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Stories From the Fey


Someday, he’d just leave. Nobody would call him prince, or Highness, or expect him to do anything miraculous.

Someday could not come soon enough.

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Succession (and Two Other Stories)

Succession, Theron the Thief and the (Nearly) Stolen Crown, and The Kindly Light of the Setting Sun: three short stories following Fey intrigue and a remorseful member of the People of the Sun.

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At the age of Six, Aiden had it all figured out.

Aiden was precocious, said his teachers. His parents said he was a handful, which was just silly. Aiden wasn’t a handful. He was determined. He even had a quest.

That quest was to make his uncle Jaden laugh.

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Stories From Death

The Bet

She skipped her way to father’s throne, through the decrepit ruins. Her shadow danced over jagged remains of statuary, castellations born of destruction and too much time. Her syncopated steps tapped by themselves down halls occupied only by dust and shadows. The breeze was her own, and she took it with her from room to room. A continuation of HALF-SHELL PROPHECIES.

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A Form of Love

The soul had been flayed, shredded into suffering ribbons, and Death had to think carefully about how to handle it right.

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Good Dog

Now, he knew what this place held. Monsters, magic leaves, things all meant to stop him and eat him and stop him and hurt him, and he wouldn’t be fooled again.

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Bee Mugs and Bacon

There was a bee on the mug.

Not a real bee. A sort of stylized round thing, cheerfully ribboned and capped with a squiggly “stinger” that looked more like a piece of dropped thread than a biological weapon.

Death stared at it for a long time, his mismatched purple gaze fixated on the gold and black stripes, on the dot-and-line combo that gave the bee an incongruously human expression of contentment.

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Stories From The Sundered



Love Makes Whole


Note: this story is kind of spoilery for THE SUNDERED, so if you haven’t read that book, you might want to head back to the bookshelf and pick something else. 

A series of short stories from a weird perspective: that of the Sundered Ones.

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Note: this story is kind of spoilery for THE SUNDERED, so if you haven’t read that book, you might want to head back to the bookshelf and pick something else. 

Jason Iskinder’s Hope of Humanity was never the only ship, even if his arrogance made it sound that way.

Iskinder’s people met the Sundered Ones.

Other survivors had other luck.

Note: this trio of stories may start slow, but trust me – they’re going somewhere important.

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A dark short story following no one – that is, no major characters, nor even anyone we see again in this universe. If you ever wondered what happens to ordinary folk while heroes are off doing great things, this tale may answer that question.

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“Go calm down the idiots, would you?” said Iskinder, gaze locked on the screen. “It is time for you to use your particular talent for crowd control.”

Note: this story is kind of spoilery for THE SUNDERED, so if you haven’t read that book, you might want to head back to the bookshelf and pick something else. 


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A Hero’s Journal

We were tasked with stopping the end of the world, but it’s too late for that. So, failing that, we are tasked with preserving what remains.

Easier said than done.

Note: this story is kind of spoilery for THE SUNDERED, so if you haven’t read that book, you might want to head back to the bookshelf and pick something else. 


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Soon, I’ll have enough, and I can step out of this idiot game and I swear, I swear, no one is ever going to touch me again.

Note: this story is kind of spoilery for THE SUNDERED, so if you haven’t read that book, you might want to head back to the bookshelf and pick something else. 


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