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This page is heavily under construction! I’m reworking all my short stories, and re-posting them here when they’re finished.

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Dr. Ranier Blood’s Arc

Court-appointed therapy doesn’t go quite the way Rapunzel thought it would.

Re: Dr. Ranier Blood; The Kin

Rumors of her appear in the news, but who can credit tales of a pale little girl freezing things with a single, bloodied touch?

Re: Dr. Ranier Blood; The Kin

“This is your test,” she says, and to my dismay, her voice carries the tinny echo of magic, a compelling power.

Not the usual conversation one has upon entering a magical psychologist’s office.

Re: Dr. Ranier Blood; The Kin

Stories About Night Children

Notte thought to hide from the world, to punish himself by being alone.
The world – including a power-hungry emperor – has other ideas.

Re: Notte; Ahmose; The Ever-Dying; The Night-Children

He’d always painted what he saw; these visions pushed him, bled out his eyes, and the only cure for augural blindness was to splatter it out in colors, shapes, forms.

Re: Jonathan; Seishirou; Ravena; Notte; The Night-Children

Years ago, Seishirou chose to disobey his maker for the sake of love. Years ago, Seishirou’s love knew exactly how it would play out. Today, the bill comes due – but that isn’t the end of his story.

Re: Seishirou; Ravena; Jonathan; Notte

I can see the life leave you.

You died for nothing.

Re: Terrance; Notte; The Night-Children

He got away with it all. In the end, it was the damned cows that caught him.

Re: Terrance; Notte; The Night-Children

He was the assassin, the executioner, the bringer of death for the Blood King. After all, Terrance understood death better than most.

Re: Terrance; Notte; The Night-Children

Flappers. Vampires. A thug who stole a necklace and a speak-easy with Jazz to die for.

Re: Salome; Notte; the Night-Children

More to come soon! I’m editing as quickly as I can. 🙂

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