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Dr. Ranier Blood’s Arc

Court-appointed therapy doesn’t go quite the way Rapunzel thought it would.

Re: Dr. Ranier Blood; The Kin

Rumors of her appear in the news, but who can credit tales of a pale little girl freezing things with a single, bloodied touch?

Re: Dr. Ranier Blood; The Kin

“This is your test,” she says, and to my dismay, her voice carries the tinny echo of magic, a compelling power.

Not the usual conversation one has upon entering a magical psychologist’s office.

Re: Dr. Ranier Blood; The Kin

Stories of the Night Children

Notte thought to hide from the world, to punish himself by being alone.
The world – including a power-hungry emperor – has other ideas.

Re: Notte; Ahmose; The Ever-Dying; The Night-Children

He’d always painted what he saw; these visions pushed him, bled out his eyes, and the only cure for augural blindness was to splatter it out in colors, shapes, forms.

Re: Jonathan; Seishirou; Ravena; Notte; The Night-Children

Years ago, Seishirou chose to disobey his maker for the sake of love. Years ago, Seishirou’s love knew exactly how it would play out. Today, the bill comes due – but that isn’t the end of his story.

Re: Seishirou; Ravena; Jonathan; Notte

He got away with it all. In the end, it was the damned cows that caught him.

Re: Terrance; Notte; The Night-Children

He was the assassin, the executioner, the bringer of death for the Blood King. After all, Terrance understood death better than most.

Re: Terrance; Notte; The Night-Children

I can see the life leave you.w

You died for nothing.

Re: Terrance; Notte; The Night-Children

Flappers. Vampires. A thug who stole a necklace and a speak-easy with Jazz to die for.

Re: Salome; Notte; the Night-Children

Stories About the Fey

The damned Throne takes my magic, stealing every last drop from birth to death. Rebellion is not rewarded, not even when you’re the heir.

Re: Grey; Mab; The Fey; The Throne

Before me stands the bedraggled crown prince of the Unseelie Fey. I pretend I do not see how desperately he hoped I’d invite him, and he pretends that he does not have bits of twig sticking out of his hair.

Re: Grey; Notte; The Fey; Terrance; The Night-Children

Stories of Psychopomps

The soul had been flayed, shredded into suffering ribbons, and Death had to think carefully about how to handle it right.

Re: Hades; Death; Dis

Now, he knew what this place held. Monsters, magic leaves, things all meant to stop him and eat him and stop him and hurt him, and he wouldn’t be fooled again.

Re: Red; The Ever-Dying

Others Among the Mythos

A pretty lady always knows how to smile. (Flash fiction: 240 words)

Re: Flash Fiction; The Ever-Dying; Kalarastri

Punish me, will you? Two can play this game. (Flash Fiction)

Re: Random

Just a story about magic, cereal boxes, and long-lost Mesoamerica gods. No, who am I kidding? It’s about a badass convenience store manager with a taser.

Re: The Ever-Dying; Random

The moths came when you left. (Flash Fiction)

Re: Random

Ghosts don’t mean to scare you. They just want you to know: it’s not over when the fat lady sings. (Free-form poem.)

Re: Random

More to come soon! I’m editing as quickly as I can. 🙂

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