WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I’ve never seen children among the Mythos before.

I know now why we were never allowed to see them.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

Produced via the #CreateIt22: a scene from the new WIP book, SOLOMON’S CHOICE. Typo warning. Also gore warning. That lady exploded real good.

What is #CreateIt22?

Creation takes energy. This year, after all we’ve been through as a nation, as a planet, as a people, we lack that energy.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I need to spend time with my son. I think, tonight, we’re both more aware than ever that mine is limited.

WIP: Cabbaged

Part of being Ever-Dying is your drive: you explore. It’s why your symbol on the Great Wheel is a boat. You never stop searching, never stop looking, peeking under every shadow, shining light down every hole. You care about why more than we do.

RIP Jane Brooks

This particular period of care-taking was the most brutal thing I’ve ever been through in my life.

Hear Grey LIVE!

Grey the Unseelie Prince

Grey has been brought to life in an amazing live read from the UK!

The City of Az’Kabek

Beloved, Notte by Ruthanne Reid

It sounds like exaggeration, does it not? I was there, and it is still difficult to credit.

My Sugar Detox

I’m doing a life-change in my ongoing battle with chronic pain. And it’s working.