Heir apparent to the Scepter and Jaden’s nephew, Aiden is a special ball of sunshine.

Sexually avaricious, he spends most of his time being genuinely too cute to hate. He embraces the traditional appearance of the Fey – young, short, with long white-blond hair and brilliant blue eyes, just on the verge of androgynous.

He deals in favors, and rumor is no one holds a cache of favors owed as big.

Aiden is taken for granted often; his absurd behavior and overt eroticism leaves those in authority over him ignoring most of what he does, and he takes advantage of that to make connections.

He’s a friend to Katie Lin, and a significant help in Joshua Run’s new life.

No one knows what’s going to happen when he takes the Scepter to become the Seelie Fey new king.