Demos’ younger brother, Tomas has been a Traveler for half his life, and apart from the hard-work aspect of it all, he doesn’t find it too shabby.

Of course, that was before Harry began claiming weird Sundered Ones right and left, and then giving them preferential treatment.

This was not all right. Sundered Ones do not come before human lives – everybody knows that. There are laws. Tomas doesn’t like that Harry’s breaking them. In his experience, if he doesn’t like something, hitting it hard enough usually makes it go away.

If Harry really is giving Sundered Ones preferential treatment, then something has to be done. Tomas has no problem being the bad guy on this. After all, it’s sure to make him look cool.

If you want Demos and Tomas’ backstory, I suggest checking out this tale right here, though be warned: it’s filled with spoilers.