The First War

The first war the world ever knew was so great, so horrific, that nothing could ever compare.

An entire history will be released after Notte is published. In the meantime, here are the salient facts:

  • Before the first war, the Peoples were very loosely divided into groups. There was no seeming need for organization like the Wheel of the Mythos.
  • All the cultures intermingled freely, which is why so many Kin already existed.
  • The war itself wrecked the world. The last ice age? Due to the war. Earthquakes splitting up continents? Due to the war. The powers at hand spared no consideration for whether the world would survive.
  • Indirectly, it’s the reason for parallel worlds. The Dream, determined to survive, created a new world of their very own and vamoosed.
  • The repercussions are just about unending, and fear of another war on this scale drives much of the political choice and People-wide decisions among the Mythos.

There will be more to come.



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