New Delhi Incident

A world-shattering event taking place during Half-Blood Prophecies that revealed the magical Mythos to the Ever-Dying world.

Before this time, most of the magical Peoples had left, inhabiting their own parallel worlds and only occasionally visiting this one. This separation was due to Notte, who chose to make this world of humans for humans – and of course, his own family, the Night-Children.

While this prevented any major thoroughfare between Earth and other worlds, it also made Earth the perfect neutral location for delicate political deals. No one wanted to cross Notte by causing trouble with his precious humans, so it was a good place to sign treaties, form marriages, and more.

Unfortunately, something went wrong during the last Ascendance to Peak, and although the risks (and cost) were tremendous, the Red and Black dragon clans broke into some kind of warfare.

Their battle spilled into the night sky, in full view of everyone – and New Delhi being one of the premier cities for technology in the world, it quickly became impossible to erase or ruin the amount of surveillance.

It was impossible to ignore that dragons were real, and – leery of panicking humans seeking out and attacking lone members of the Mythos – the Fey made the choice to come forward, presenting an attractive, human-like representative for the Ever-Dying nations to make peace with.