Also called The Betrayer.

Adam is a Guardian – specifically, of the BrokenWhat remains of the Saqalu. They still wield the awesome power they always did, but they are no longer… stable. More.

He is ancient and mysterious; like all Broken, he has four wings with the power to stop any attack and nullify magic. His wings and hair are solid black, and his skin is tawny gold.

He’s quite mad, but all the Broken are.

He makes his first appearance in Half-Shell Prophecies, and he is one of Notte’s oldest friends. In fact, no one really knows how old he is; the creation of the SaqaluThe Saqalu were once among the noblest beings in our world. Now, they are the Broken. More is a mystery, anyway, and he’s definitely one of their oldest.

He was already old and weary when NotteHe’s one of the oldest living beings among the Mythos. The father of all vampires (or Night-Children, as they’re called),… More came into the world many thousands of years ago, and he’s one of the few Broken who’s maintained enough sanity to be able to move among the living every once in a while.

Adam lives in MeginnahAn unknown fifth parallel world, created for and by the Guardians who went mad after the First War. More, the utterly secret home world of the GuardiansGuardians are any magical beings with the primary drive to protect or guard. Unfortunately, they’re all a little crazy. More, and has come to believe the Guardian fantasy that the living can never be truly protected as long as they’re alive. Uh-oh.