Name meaning: Night (Italian – he picked that one)

Other names: Naktam; Night-King; Nox Aeterna; the Blood King; Lord of the Night Whispers; Notte the Unending; the Mortal’s Doom; and of course, just Night.

Notte by Celine Chapus (colored by Ruthanne Reid)

He’s one of the oldest living beings among the Mythos. The father of all vampires (or Night-Children, as they’re called), he’s a mystery; no one knows where the heck he came from, or who made him.

Thanks to his influence, Night-Children do not fall into the category of Kin, even though no one is born a vampire. They are of The Darkness, at least technically.

He doesn’t look powerful. He’s been described as young, with large, soulful eyes and enormous brown curls. A poet’s face hiding a monster’s appetite, or so he’s phrased it.

It should be noted that he is intimately connected to every single Night-Child. He feels them all; he can always find them, and knows if they’re in pleasure or pain, yet he’s able to hang on to his own mind due to his hard-earned self-control – or possibly because Death himself is responsible for the composition of Notte’s brain.

More on that in the upcoming book, BELOVED, NOTTE.