Guardians are any magical beings with the primary drive to protect or guard. Unfortunately, they’re all a little crazy.

Yes, all. An example are selkies, who once rescued endangered children, and now “rescue” them by eating them to stop their “suffering.”

Guardians are driven by protective instinct. They will plant themselves in front of a thing to guard, or go flying into the worst possible situation to protect someone who needs it. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to convince a Guardian to abandon the thing or person being guarded. One can still find Sphinxes nearly as old as the desert itself guarding long-forgotten tombs, and unless a meteor lands right on their heads, they likely will be there until the end of the world.

The parallel world of the Guardians officially does not exist. If it did (and it does), its name is Meginnah.


Of all the Seven Peoples, the Guardians are ironically the most endangered, and since the First War (more than 20,000 years ago), most of them were wiped out.