Shadow’s Breath

The Shadow’s Breath are among the People of the Darkness, and have successfully hidden most of their people’s history from the world. Quite an accomplishment, given that they are currently the Darkness’ rulers.

They’ve been called many names: shadow-djinn, demons, nightmares, evil spirits, but most of this is honestly just humans trying to make sense of something scary, beautiful, and dangerous.

A few actual facts:

  1. They have three hearts.
  2. Like most of the People of the Darkness, they live an average of three to four thousand years.
  3. They can’t reproduce among themselves. They require… shall we say, “aid” from another species.
  4. They control shadows, can (and do) drain life-energy from anything sentient, and tend to avoid much light.
  5. Fire bad. Fire bad.
  6. They are far from sociable, and there tend to be very few of them running around at any one time. Each tends to set up his or her own little pocket-dimension outside of anyone else’s demesne.
  7. As a result, Umbra (the primary alternate Earth belonging to the Darkness) is riddled with weirdness – holes, invisible walls, fortresses that can only be entered when a star turns sideways and an eagle bleeds, things like that.
  8. The current “leader” of The Darkness (if one could be considered a leader of such a disparate group) is the Raven King, sometimes called Kanon.

There will be more later, but for now, this will do. To read about the Shadow’s Breath counterpart, check out The Breath.