The Darkness

The Darkness include any magical beings with a primary drive to devour or collect.

Note: this is a placeholder. There will be much more information in the future!

World name: Umbra.

The Darkness have a lifespan of three or four thousand years on average. As they grow older, they grow more powerful, but their control (and sanity) tends to slip proportionately. Toward the ends of their lives, their physical forms can no longer take the strain of power coursing through them. Aged members of the Darkness tend to disintegrate into a sort of icy mist.

Their primary drive is to devour, or collect. They also aren’t fond of light. In their own messed-up parallel world, Umbra, there is no light at all – it cannot exist there, physics be damned. They have the ability to eat just about anything, and that includes plague, radiation, dead bodies, etc. If well-trained, a member of the Darkness genuinely can devour to the cellular level.

Not all members of the Darkness eat that neatly, however. Here’s a scary example.

They prefer the cold; they also prefer the quiet. The People of the Darkness tend to live alone. What animals exist in Umbra tend to be completely silent.

Also, as a matter of note, they eat the powers of other Peoples; they tend to really, really, really like the taste of Fey, much to the latter’s dismay.

The Raven King is the oldest known member of the Darkness. He’s managed to live 15,000 years or so by devouring his own kind, so as you can imagine, he’s not very popular. This is one Shadow’s Breath you do not want to meet in person.

Vampires are usually lumped in with the Darkness, thought they don’t really qualify. Notte would say they were Kin, but he’s usually ignored. More on that in the “Ever-dying” section.

The People of the Darkness cannot, as a matter of note, reproduce among themselves, or at least, not easily.   Here’s a short story from the Crow King (the Raven King’s grandson) discussing this intimate and freaktastic topic.