Aakesh is a first-tier Sundered One. When Harry Iskinder claims him, it quickly becomes clear that Harry has bitten off more than he can chew.

Name Meaning

“Lord of the Sky” in Sanskrit.


A solid black that absorbs light, he’s slightly androgynous with long hair that seems to move by itself. His irises are brilliant, fiery red, and his grace is inhumanly unnerving. If Aakesh is good at anything, it’s drama.


Aakesh seems to be able to do almost anything he puts his mind to, including matter manipulation and the control of living creatures. He is also clearly limited by being claimed, as well as some other strange binding Harry doesn’t know how to identify or alter.


  • Harry: The one everyone wants to know about: is his relationship with Harry sexual? Well, it is intimate on a level that goes beyond the physical, and involves a complete loss of privacy that Harry finds terrifying.
  • Bakura: Evidently, they’re at odds – and the reason is not clear.
  • Gorish: Aakesh is strangely protective of Gorish, to the point that Aakesh will lower himself to slave to help him
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