The legendary dragon-queen who, according to legend, laid a miraculous two eggs at once: one with a black shell and one with a red shell. While she herself was diamond-scaled like Suvi, these two eggs hatched dragons in their respective colors of ebony and brick-red.

She prophesied over these two tiny dragons that one day, another would come with her diamond-hued form, and that one would reunite the dragon clans. She called that prophesied baby the Starling Child.

The two baby dragons grew up, became bitter rivals, and split off, forming the Red and Black dragon clans, respectively.

Before her death, Sharada came to know Merlin well. They spent a lot of time together – enough to engender all kinds of spicy gossip – and when she died, she wanted to give him a gift.

Somehow, she gave him her ability to see the future, which Merlin calls “Very Good Guessing.”

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