Barry Ballas

A human who happens to also be a monster-hunter. He has a key role the book Strings and leaves a lasting impact on the Fey prince, Grey.

Here are a few fun facts you won’t find in the book:

  1. He was Greek by blood; his parents immigrated to the United States after he was born.
  2. He was divorced; amicably enough, but he and his wife just couldn’t make it work. Which is hard, because he had two children, an older girl and a younger boy, who live in upstate New York with their mom. He saw them every other weekend and on holidays.
  3. He was moderately religious; not a lot, but enough to darken the door of an Orthodox temple a few times a year.
  4. He was rich; which may or may not have been obvious, but seriously. This dude owned his own bar in Manhattan. How did he get that way? Good luck, hard work, a lot of smarts, and some really good opportunities and partnerships.
  5. He was driven. Barry Ballas always wanted to do something really, really good with his life, but he never figured out how. When he was in his twenties, he invested in a lot of causes, but – disgusted with the way those causes were often mishandled – stopped doing that by the time he was thirty. He considered joining the police, considered joining the military, considered joining the Salvation Army, but none of these things ever felt quite right. It’s like he was called to something greater, but that something failed to leave its return address.

For the record, Grey was right, and he should have had his own ballad.