John Barron Grey,   John Barron MacCarrig, son of Owen MacCarrig, son of Leith of the Stone, son of Eithne the Offspring of Stars, daughter of Mab: runaway Unseelie prince and heir to The Throne.

Grey first makes his appearance as an unwitting sidekick to Katie Lin in THE CHRISTMAS DRAGON, and goes on to have his own misadventure in STRINGS.

Right now, Grey’s primary goal in life is to stay under the radar. He made a daring escape from the power of the Throne, earning his freedom with blood, sweat, and tears, and he intends to hang on to it – even though doing so means pretending to be so much less than he is.

Grey is one of the rare handful of people Notte calls friend, which is second only to family. It’s an honor Grey can’t figure out how earned, and isn’t yet sure what it means.