32 Reviews, 4.8 Stars on Amazon

27 Reviews, 4.4 Stars on Amazon

My music made a lovely magic. It was tiny magic, sure, but effective: it thickened the air and deepened the candles’ warm light, caressed the listener like intimate fingertips and teased sleeping nerve-endings toward a gently quivering wakefulness.

Go, me. I made it all happen.

Need help? You probably shouldn’t ask Grey.

He’s a runaway Fey prince in New York City. He feeds on love like some kind of vampire. He really doesn’t like people.

Then a monster hunts him down in late-night Manhattan, ruins his vacation, and forces him into the fight of his life.

He’s marked, and monsters are coming for him. Grey had no plans to be a hero, but that doesn’t matter. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you aren’t the one pulling the strings.

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What Readers are Saying

Tahlia Newland on Goodreads wrote:

Grey is an elf, a beautiful, rather self-obsessed and somewhat snarky but, nevertheless, likable elf, who lives in Manhattan, and in this fairly short urban fantasy, he finds himself helping a bunch of forever-dying, (otherwise known as humans), to escape the clutches of the beasts that stalk them. […]

I can say that the end surprised me, the writing impressed me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Not only was it well told in crisp, interesting prose, but also it had an integrity of spirit not often seen in genre fiction. There was meaning in the outcome, a ‘message’ of inspiration. 5 stars. Highly recommended.

J. M. Frey on Amazon wrote:

Fun and fanciful, Reid’s latest entry into the ever-growing, deliciously complex AMONG THE MYTHOS series is a fantastically breath-taking adventure with a sexy, snarky and narcissistic protagonist that I can’t wait to see, er, more of. STRINGS is a fantastic wee gem, and a great stepping stone into the world of the love-eating elf Grey, and the mysterious, ancient Notte.

A novella it may be, but this story packs plenty of steamy fun and tense action into every page.

Bruce Mohler on Goodreads wrote: 

An Elf in Manhattan, Fey, Unseelie, and royal is not a common occurrence. An outcast elf who weaves melody and harmony in intimate settings and draws the Ever-Dying listeners together (showing the author’s love & knowledge of music). John Grey is confronted with an opponent that he cannot fight on earth, aided by a local bartender who is not what he seems.[…]

Urban fantasy with a dash of Cthulhuian horror. Clever handling of profanity in the story. Great cover. Gratefully, this is not the only book Ruthanne Reid has written.

Jack Zaccaro on Amazon wrote:

The characters draw you in right away and you’ll find yourself laughing at Grey’s sarcasm and self-indulgent wit. I really enjoyed the story and didn’t mind missing a little sleep to stay up and finish it…even though I did wake up my toddler once or twice laughing at Grey’s dialogue, very well done!

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