Humans can be very slow at ‘getting’ things, but perhaps that only makes sense. After all, they alone among the sentient races do not have the ability to use magic. But why is this? What IS magic?

“Magic” is a catch-all term for the abilities most of those Among the Mythos use to live: to produce goods, to transform objects, to travel great distances, and – when needed – to kill or maim or control. They can literally do this by willing it, though tests have confirmed that “willing” actually activates certain neurons in the brain, causing the magic users themselves to emit a kind of energy the common consciousness calls arcanum.

Arcanum is, basically, the observable energy given off when magic-users use their power. More on this under the Magic entry.

Current scientific theory states that these arcanum actually cause tiny, unseen, unfelt black holes – through which the magic-user pulls what they need from an alternate universe, where it already existed.

This theory fails to account for all they can do, but it is important; all the arcanum vary wildly from creature to creature, making it impossible (so far) for humans to effectively block that magic. It’s like neighboring Wi-Fi we can’t turn off.

There is undoubtedly raw energy of some kind being expended, and there is news that some objects are capable of stealing that energy – re-routing it, if you will – and directing it to other sources, making them more powerful.

The real question is this: is it possible for humans – pure humans, without a hint of Kin – to acquire this magic? Not yet.

The latest research hints it may be possible for humans to create and control arcanum . It’s an inherited trait, after all, and Kin are part human, so nature has already found a way to do this – but now, so have we.

In an effort to control this research, which is being compared to the moral quagmire of cloning, officials are currently debating whether or not an individual who goes through the surgery (which is currently being called Feynman Probability Reassignment) retains all human rights, or whether this means they relinquish current citizenship and become part of the magical community, which, as you know, functions under a completely different set of laws and regulations.

The first human to undergo FPR surgery not only survived, but – according to eyewitnesses – now has the power to create and douse fire at will.

It’s one enormous and necessary step toward equality between the species, and we hope for the best and safest recovery.