Iranian Zār—Fey—ruled part of Persia called Anshan. Since the Throne and the Scepter rule by siphoning all Fey magic away at birth, the Zār chose to refill their wells with music, making such amazing sounds that humans died dancing to it while the Zār absorbed all the energy and emotion from the whole experience.

Unfortunately, the Daevas—People of the Darkness—dine on Fey, and conflict with the Zār grew. Finally, the Zār created an ultimate weapon to protect themselves… and then something went wrong. The Zār are gone. The country of Anshan died, and a mountain made of shadow settled on the land over the capitol city, devouring everything, until there was absolutely nothing left.

Many have tried to find the legendary Zār spells and songs, but so far, it’s a bust. They’ve found no spells. They’ve found no music. They’ve certainly found no secret weapon that could push the People of the Darkness back.


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