Dragons (not to be confused with “dargons“) are some of the most dangerous beings among the Mythos and not just because of physical size and strength.

Their intelligence is off the charts. Combined with a tendency to live about four thousand years, an insatiable desire for wealth and power, and the ability to eat almost anything (which is why dragons tend to symbolize things like drought in the Vedas), and you have a fairly dangerous combination.

Like people of the Darkness, they can Devour anything. However, they also have a tendency to collect, which is generally a Fey trait. Many of them can also heal, placing them in the Sun category.

Neither Throne nor Scepter has ever taken power from them, and neither has anyone else, so they are officially among the Lost – but any of the Seven Peoples are willing to take them, should the dragon desire. As a result, some are of the Sun, some are of the Darkness, and some are even Guardians.

They also have pouches — yes, pouches — though they’d be the first to tell you that “marsupial” does not apply.

Most can breathe fire, and many can heal. As a result, Dragons are often given a choice of joining either the Darkness or the Sun upon reaching adulthood.

Most choose the Lost – those who are considered outside the Seven Peoples – but they don’t call themselves that. Their own name is the Storied.