Hades is one of the ancient, strange beings known as gods.

His father, Cronus ate him, for reasons unknown; his sister Dis defeated Cronus and freed him, but he wasn’t right when he came out.

Like the People of the Sun, these so-called gods are not separate from their bodies; they are one thing, spirit and flesh, and so when the flesh is damaged, they are changed. While in his father’s belly, Hades sort of… faded. His purple eyes no longer match, and his skin is a strange color as though he’d been partially bleached.

Hades handles death. Walking forever alone outside of time, he appears at the time of every individual’s death and takes their soul to a place of safekeeping. What he does with them there is hard to say; almost no one has returned, and those who do refuse to talk about it.

He scares the daylights out of his family;

He considers Notte a friend.

Dis is his sister. Cronus was his father.