Treasure hunters in the world of The Sundered who make their living scavenging goods from the world ruined by the black water.


This one has specific spoilers regarding the end of The Sundered, so only read on if you’re familiar with the book.

If you REALLY want to read them, then click the blurred part for the spoiler info.

A specific social group on the planet Motherwater. These individuals came together a generation or two after the initial landing and enslavement of the Sundered Ones, and had one purpose at the time: keeping track of the unstoppable rise of deadly water, and capturing and claiming new Sundered Ones.

Over time—as Aakesh worked toward changing the human grasp of history and Jason Iskinder’s own careful educational instructions in the Academy took effect— Travelers morphed into treasure hunters, finding things in the “flooded” world and returning them for a profit at great risk to themselves.

Had Jason not been so determined that following generations would (1) believe Motherwater was Earth and (2) never approach The Hope, this shift in understanding would never have happened. Aakesh used both to his advantage by eventually tricking the Iskinder Family into thinking the Hope had been hidden from them, not for them, and that it was a treasure worth recruiting Travelers to find.

In the book, a few Travelers are named:

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