The Hush is essentially international magical police – and they’re fairly scary.

Here’s what Katie has to say about them in Half-Shell Prophecies:

The Mythos does have magical police. They look different from world to world, from country to country, kingdom to kingdom, and People to People. But across worlds, across dimensions, over all government and jurisdiction, law enforcement takes only took one form: the Hush. The word originally came from some ancient word meaning sweeping or keeping clean, but over time, it morphed as words do—and at least in English, included the finger-to-the-lips gesture of silence. The Hush scared the crap out of me. Yes, there are other self-policing groups out there; mess with the Sinaa of South America or the Zimwi of Kenya and you’ll find out really fast just what kind of justice they serve. But the Hush are inter-world; they’re multi-government, legally empowered across the board, committed to the single purpose of making sure the humans don’t know we exist.

The Hush are very organized. They accept anyone from any background, regardless of past or ancestry, and proceed to strip them of their personal identity to make perfect police. They usually do NOT err on the side of grace; they’re also rarely wrong, though when they are, it’s pretty much impossible to overturn a conviction.

Of note, members of the Hush are generally above reproach in every way; think of them as lawful good. Salis Kamialfaod, a half-troll recruit, is one of its more typical members.

Lord-General Ramses Al-Benumm tá Oman, on the other hand, is somewhat less typical, as Notte ensured Salis would find out.

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