A species of creature with a rare talent: they fit into all Seven Peoples.

Fairies live in all inhabited worlds, and usually – though not always – look like tiny humans with wings. Their styles usually follow edgy human trends just because that’s fun to do, and inventing their own would take work.

Among the Mythos, nobody throws a rave like a fairy. Sadly, most people are too big to be invited.

They live their lives largely out of sight, though in more recent centuries, quite a few have taken to being “city sprites” with jobs, nooks in other people’s apartments, taxes, and even tiny passports. Naturally, the fairies who still live out in “the wild” look down on “city sprites,” who themselves look down on “wildlings.” Typical.

Curiously, their powers seem to be shaped by Seven Peoples among whom they live.

Fairies have several powers which make them very useful. Any fairies of The Sun make terrific lamps, and usually get jobs at Confluxes, museums, and government buildings. Fairies from The Darkness can eat approximately a billion times their size, and are excellent at sweeping streets and keeping places clean. (They don’t mind. Free food AND a salary? Now, we’re talking.)

Fairies of The Dream are usually employed in hospitals, nursuries, and other places where good, solid sleep is important.

Fairies of the Guardians make terrific home security systems. They guard jewelry, windows, doors, and other assorted treasures/exits quite fiercely. It should be noted, however, that they’re terrible babysitters.

Fairies of the Kin are… bizarre. Ever seen a half-hedgehog, half-fairy mix? There’s not a lot for them to do in the city, so they’re usually found in gardens and orchards.

Fairies of the Fey are absolute genius with tools. They tend to be employed as mechanics for anything delicate and really tiny.

All Fairies love and need to play; time off is a necessity. They have a sense of humor that… can take some getting used to, and usually involves practical jokes. Tastes are ecclectic. As long as fairies have sugar, some kind of money, and time to play, they’re willing to do just about anything. Of course, they’re also about four inches high, so limitations do apply.

Strangely, all fairies share this trait: they have more faith and hope than any other people put together. They’re willing to trust, willing to believe, and so eager to trust in what they can’t yet see that their blind faith is something of a proverb.

Keep an eye out for them. They’re usually in the background, doing their jobs and being ignored. The stories I have that mention them explicitly (though briefly) are The Christmas DragonHalf-Shell Prophecies, and Club Hedgie. Enjoy!