Hilaria Merit

Merit is a Fey doctor in a unique position. Very few beings in the world of the Mythos are reborn. Merit is one of them.

Way back in the depths of time, they were deeply in love. Unfortunately, it was a time of chaos and upheaval, and their loved one died young. Merit (which was not their name then) managed to make a deal with Proto-Death to be reborn at the same time as their loved one to get a second chance. (What deal? Wait for the book!)

Unfortunately, Proto-Death exploded not long after that, and the deal – whatever it was – has only one option to end the cycle: Merit has to find that other person, and somehow get that life of love they originally wanted.

But that other person has yet to go along with this idea, and Merit continually dies and is reborn, still forever looking, unable to find them, or – if able to find them – unable to keep them.

Living for true love is great… but only if it’s returned.

Desperation has driven Merit to various tasks, trying to earn the right to get out of this system. They’ve been a saint; been a miracle-worker. Been born into all Seven Peoples. For the last few thousand years, they’ve been a physician. Most recently, they named themself after Aemilia Hilaria and Merit-Ptah, respectively.