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Beloved Notte (coming soon)

Pearl’s Bottom

Yet another snippet from Notte! Unedited, messy, etc. Enjoy! Horse’s instructions seemed simple: I was to find the city of Mercy; to locate the inn called Pearl’s Bottom; to rent a bed, yet not use it, and instead wait in the public room below for a week and a day. If I did these things, …

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Christmases Without Mom: #3.

This is my third Christmas without my mom (in case the title wasn’t clear enough), and it’s still pretty weird. Here are the words I find in my heart: Moms aren’t supposed to die when their kids are under forty. I’m not supposed to already be half an orphan. These are stupid thoughts, I tell …

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Treasure the Little Moments

So this is a special Christmas. If there’s one thing this long, difficult year has taught me, treasure the time you have with your loved ones. Every moment really is special.

14 Years Since

Bit of personal business here today, but it matters: This is the 14th anniversary of the accident that nearly killed my husband Duane.

Gorish by Sixelona

Happy Birthday, Sixelona

Happy birthday, Sixelona! I refuse to apologize for this fourth-wall break, no matter how silly it is.

That Moment When

There came a funny moment today when I realized that Notte’s voice is very much like Tolkien’s. I don’t mean the world Tolkien created. I mean the actual man.

Last Chance to Ask

This is your last chance to see your questions answered in the 2nd edition!

New Wiki Entry: Bardsey Island

Island of 20,000 saints; home to Merlin’s Apples; supposed resting place of Merlin himself: this island has a hell of a history.

Strings is LIVE!

And it is time once again to FLIP MY LID. Buy for Kindle Buy a Paperback New magic system is GO Paperback has a hint as to the series name. We are closer to the events of  The Sundered and Notte. That is all.