Beloved Notte (coming soon)

Pearl’s Bottom

Yet another snippet from Notte! Unedited, messy, etc. Enjoy!

Horse’s instructions seemed simple: I was to find the city of Mercy; to locate the inn called Pearl’s Bottom; to rent a bed, yet not use it, and instead wait in the public room below for a week and a day.

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Treasure the Little Moments

So this is a special Christmas. If there’s one thing this long, difficult year has taught me, treasure the time you have with your loved ones. Every moment really is special.

14 Years Since

Bit of personal business here today, but it matters: This is the 14th anniversary of the accident that nearly killed my husband Duane.

Gorish by Sixelona

Happy Birthday, Sixelona

Happy birthday, Sixelona! I refuse to apologize for this fourth-wall break, no matter how silly it is.

That Moment When

There came a funny moment today when I realized that Notte’s voice is very much like Tolkien’s. I don’t mean the world Tolkien created. I mean the actual man.

Last Chance to Ask

This is your last chance to see your questions answered in the 2nd edition!

New Wiki Entry: Bardsey Island

Island of 20,000 saints; home to Merlin’s Apples; supposed resting place of Merlin himself: this island has a hell of a history.

STRINGS Cover Contest!

Hello, friends and neighbors! I have come to you with a humble request: help me choose a cover!

Time Out

I know what comes next. I just don’t have the brain-space to write it.

The First War: The First Mention

So here’s this thing that I’ve know about forever, but have had no opportunity to talk about yet. It’s called the First War, and was probably one of the most culturally significant things to ever happen among the Mythos.

Poorly Played, Sony

Please understand that I LOVE this laptop. It has always done everything I asked of it, and that’s why this particular problem is so disturbing.

Three Weeks and Counting!

You may have noticed my absence. Never fear! It is due to Writing Focus, which tends to produce good things. By the way, I will be offering The Christmas Dragon free via the newsletter, and it will also be briefly free on Kindle.

Editing Cake

Nobody (except for crazy people) ever said editing was easy (unless they meant, “easily drives you crazy”).

Entire scenes have to be rewritten, whole chapters gutted and sewed into new shape, and characters you thought you knew suddenly up and move to a different zip code of emotions without telling you why.

YOUR Questions in The Sundered!

I got a wild idea. A crazy idea. Ask me your questions, and I’ll put them in the next edition of The Sundered to celebrate the release of Notte.

100 Reviews Giveaway Party!

Can you believe it? The Sundered has ONE HUNDRED REVIEWS on and ONE HUNDRED RATINGS on Goodreads! I’m incredibly grateful and incredibly blessed – and since this wasn’t something I did, but something that was given to me, the least I can do is give some love back to you all!

Thanksgiving Recipe!

See that stuffing? We made it ourselves, and you can, too. This is DELICIOUS, super-easy, and incredibly satisfying for everyone.

Nanowrimo 2012: Snippet From “Notte”

Fair warning: this is almost completely unedited, beyond a quick skim for typos (which I probably missed anyway).That’s okay. First drafts are what they are.

YA Love!

Fantabulous author Beth Revis is offering the most amazing contest ever for FIFTY autographed amazing YA books!

Just Keep Writing

Times of doubt can be rough, but there’s a secret: you can beat your inner critic with just three words.

Music Saves My SouL : by F-AYN-T

Writing Playlist (It’s Music, Man!)

I blame movies. All my scenes tend to have music. I don’t always listen to it when I’m writing or editing, but I almost always do it better when I have mad tunes playing.

(Warning: YouTube links abound. What, you didn’t think I’d mention music without giving you a chance to HEAR it, did you?)

THE SUNDERED - indie book of the day

I Won an Award!

CHECK IT OUT! This is so awesome! Thank you, Indie Book of the Day!

Chibi Notte by Celine Chapus

The Next Big Thing

The awesome and wonderful Pavarti K Tyler tagged me in a blog series called The Next Big Thing, and she’s sent me ten nifty questions regarding my next book. Thus, I bring you… answers! 🙂

What Community Means to Me

I’m totally going to steal someone else’s definition: “It’s people living life together and helping one another throughout our cities to serve our cities.”

That isn’t just trite to me. That’s very real, and I’ll tell you why.

Wrecked by Jeff Goins

Wrecked, by Jeff Goins: Review

I don’t always post book reviews. I’ll make remarks on Goodreads occasionally, but rarely has a book moved me so much that it deserves a major spotlight.

Characters of The Sundered

I’ll tell you something I’ve learned: unless there is tension between your characters (not made-up bitchiness, not paltry unpleasantness, but actual, personality/goal-driven tension), your plot will stall.

J. R. R. Tolkien

Why Do You Write?

So what inspires you? For me, it’s heroism and sacrifice. True love that beats death, beauty and nobility going hand in hand. In other words, what’s done matters.

Letter Meme


Comment to this entry and I’ll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

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What Makes a Compelling Story, Pt. 4

So you’ve developed your characters, answered all the important questions, and your readers love them. You’ve developed your world, made it rich and full and extremely real. What’s next?


What Makes a Compelling Story, Pt. 3

It affects YA authors, who tend to be considerably older than the people they’re writing about. It affects fantasy/sci-fi authors, who are responsible for creating something that feels new and different but still relatable. It affects everything. But it isn’t impossible to do.

What Makes a Compelling Story, Pt. 2

Unlike the character concepts in part one, you may think wordl-building doesn’t apply to you. But even a modern, magicless YA has world-building, and if you do it wrong, your readers can tell.

What Makes a Compelling Story

There are two key things to a damn good story: 1. You can’t put it down. 2. When you finish, it won’t leave your head.

Congrats and Clichés

There are only a limited number of stories in the world. The key to writing something fresh is not, in fact, inventing something completely new. It’s kind of like scrambled eggs.The spices are what makes them stand out.

Query, Take Two!

Until twelve year old Alex grew wings, he had no idea magic existed.

But it does – worlds of it, separated from ours by the thinnest of walls, which Alex tears through accidentally when he uses his new wings to escape the isolated brothel in which he was born.

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