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Notte’s Many Names

“I am The Mortal’s Doom, and before your mother shed her first infant tears onto the soil of the old world, I was.”

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I see two Merits, briefly. While the possibilities for such a thing are lovely, it strikes me as wise not to comment on it.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I’ve never seen children among the Mythos before.

I know now why we were never allowed to see them.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

Produced via the #CreateIt22: a scene from the new WIP book, SOLOMON’S CHOICE. Typo warning. Also gore warning. That lady exploded real good.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I need to spend time with my son. I think, tonight, we’re both more aware than ever that mine is limited.

WIP: Cabbaged

Part of being Ever-Dying is your drive: you explore. It’s why your symbol on the Great Wheel is a boat. You never stop searching, never stop looking, peeking under every shadow, shining light down every hole. You care about why more than we do.

Beloved, Notte by Ruthanne Reid

The City of Az’Kabek

It sounds like exaggeration, does it not? I was there, and it is still difficult to credit.

WIP: Boy, Is She Persistent

She guided me – taught me, which by design should not have been possible – to never kill children, to avoid the unwisdom of well-armed cities. She
taught me, friend, to stop before my prey would die.

WIP: Notte Finds Peace

I had discovered a state of existence other than hunger, and I wanted more. Tranquility spins a siren-song of its own.

WIP: For Daws to Peck At

They did not grow old. They never knew illness. They could be injured, but they healed, and they never simply lingered. All this was why Jonathan made no sense.

WIP: For Daws to Peck At

Just a sample from a new story I’m working on. (Context? What’s that?) This was amazing food. All of it was amazing food, Gordon Ramsay worthy, and she had to remind herself not to swallow just in case she hadn’t caught the bad things. There were a lot of bad things. It wasn’t every other …

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Regaining Momentum

Writing after a dry period is really hard, but there’s no secret to getting back into it. There are only a few simple steps.