Half-Shell Prophecies

Love fantasy but think you’ve seen it all? Think again. The ‘Half-Shell Prophecies’ takes your expectations and shakes them up – in a good way. Modern no-nonsense woman + fantastical beings and worlds = sharp contemporary adventure novel.

Stephanie Morrison, Reader, REVIEW (Australia)

Half-Shell Prophecies

Reading a book by Ruthanne Reid is like traveling in the TARDIS — you could end up anywhere, in any time. This one takes place in modern times,  but takes the reader to parallel magical worlds, all with a well-established and carefully thought-out history. I thoroughly enjoyed Half-Shell Prophecies, and can’t wait for more stories from Among the Mythos.


The Sundered

A book where you can easily forget to eat while turning the pages.


Half-Shell Prophecies

In an endless sea of ebooks out there, I’ve found an author whose style I find delightful, whose words I gobble up, and who promises to provide entertainment for some time to come. Top notch in every way I measure a book. Thank you, Ruthanne. Write on!

Teddi Deppner, Author, THE AUTHOR COLLECTION


Smart, witty urban fantasy with hilarious dialogue and a lead I want more of. I loved Grey, and I’m hoping he appears in the other titles in the series because what’s not to love about a snarky, gorgeous (even if he says so himself), muso elf who gives great ear descriptions? Perfect writing. Fun, addictive, short read!

J.A. Hazel, Author, SIREN’S WAVE


Fun and fanciful, Reid’s latest entry into the ever-growing, deliciously complex AMONG THE MYTHOS series is a fantastically breath-taking adventure with a sexy, snarky and narcissistic protagonist that I can’t wait to see more of.


The Sundered

There are movies you watch, works of art you see, poems and books you read that you walk away from going “whoa.” [THE SUNDERED] was one of them for me. Complete gut-punch-powerful ending that reminded me of the experience of walking away from the big reveal in Ender’s Game.

Leah Petersen, Author, THE PHYSICS OF FALLING

The Sundered

Who can Harry trust when he is being pulled in all directions by the people/beings around him? Will he ever find the Hope, and if so, would it really change his world back to what it was before the Sundered appeared? Or will the ending of this novel be a totally mind-blowing “oh, shit!” moment? One way to find the answers to those queries is by reading [THE SUNDERED].

Yvette Arambula, Editor, COMA MUSIC MAGAZINE

The Christmas Dragon

I went to bed but I can’t sleep if don’t read something good. So I took my kindle and I choose to begin ‘The Christmas Dragon’. Once I’ve started reading I knew that sleeping wasn’t on my plans anymore. I was going to be up all night to finish the book.

Marika Ciarrocchi, Reader, REVIEW

Half-Shell Prophecies

Ruthanne Reid brings the Mythos to life through the eyes, ears, actions and adventures of a multitude of spectacular characters. From precious little white Dragons to blood thirsty crazy ass vampires and a King bent on revenge, Katie proves time and again that all a girl needs is courage. I can not wait for the next adventure!


Half-Shell Prophecies

There’s a lot to like about this book. There was quite a bit of world building including multiple races and worlds in an urban fantasy setting and pocket universes if you still need more. +1 for using the word “kajigger”. One of the phrases used in reference to the book, referring to Katie Lin, is “…and one seriously underestimated damsel”. This needs to be on the cover.

Tomas T. Hanes, Reader, REVIEW

Half-Shell Prophecies

I have to admit I’m not part of the prime demographic for this novel. But while I’m not a fan of Sookie and Anita and the other urban fantasy heroines, I still can appreciate a well-written story. The story synopsis had a “Neil Gaiman” quality to it that intrigued me, so I took a chance. This one definitely fits the bill. The pace is fast and smooth, like a classic limousine.

S. Garriot, Reader, REVIEW

Half-Shell Prophecies

I highly enjoyed the fast-paced story in Half-Shell Prophecies. Just when you think Katie is about to be done with trials and tribulations, another one pops up. This never felt overdone or forced in any way. Reid’s writing is simply on point. I continue to be intrigued by this universe and am eagerly awaiting the next story to continue the series!

L. Buholtz, Reader, REVIEW