Goodbye, Dad.

A deeply personal post.

Regaining Momentum

Writing after a dry period is really hard, but there’s no secret to getting back into it. There are only a few simple steps.

Learning From Those Who Came Before

We write our stories, and we do the best we can. For many of us, that means we write from perspective born of backgrounds we didn’t control, educations we weren’t aware were cheap, and information we didn’t know was dated.

Neil Gaiman Masterclass!

I have been given an AMAZING gift and I’m out of my mind with joy.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

Snippet for August (and a personal update)

Flames dance thanks to exothermic reactions, a process that releases energy to its surroundings in the form of heat and light.

So did she.


I’m Not Putting it Off This Time

Not this time, life. You don’t get to win this round.

Welcome to the official site of Ruthanne Reid

New Design 2018

A new and improved experience all-around!

Reasons to keep going

Keep Going

Things are dark. Very dark. It’s time to ask yourself an important question: why keep going?


It’s a New Day. Welcome to 2018!

Pull up your trousers and tie your shoes. This year is going to be a fight.

We Need Strong Women in Fiction

We Need Strong Women in Fiction

I didn’t grow up seeing strong women represented – and neither did the rest of my generation. There was a cost.

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