Loneliness and Books

I took bookworm and made it mine, decided that geek meant smart, and tried with all my heart to transform the sorrow and pain and rejection and mockery and bullying into a badge of honor.

I Freak Myself Out

I assumed I must be crazy, which I think is the default for any of us who go through something and keep it to ourselves.

Time Out

I know what comes next. I just don’t have the brain-space to write it.

Because Life

My mom may be gone, but I refuse to honor her memory with sorrow. Today, I celebrate life.

Poorly Played, Sony

Please understand that I LOVE this laptop. It has always done everything I asked of it, and that’s why this particular problem is so disturbing.

Three Weeks and Counting!

You may have noticed my absence. Never fear! It is due to Writing Focus, which tends to produce good things. By the way, I will be offering The Christmas Dragon free via the newsletter, and it will also be briefly free on Kindle.

Happy Anniversary, My Love

See that guy up there? Want to know why he’s so awesome? Well, here’s is a list, in no particular order.

First Mother’s Day Without

Fair warning: this was the first Mother’s Day since my mom died. This post will be very personal, and probably uncomfortable for some. In this post, I am deeply, critically honest.


Success is not a secret – and failure isn’t what you think it is.