The Sundered is Done.

The Sundered is complete at 105,000 words, and I am as sleepy and happy as it is possible to be.

Next, of course, comes the Big Edit, which will hopefully trim at least 5,000 words and help me to tighten the query. After that comes the synopsis, then more query-editing, and then- if all beta-readers think it’s ready to go – I will begin the agent-hunting process. Wanna see the query?

Disastrous Learning Curve

I cried a little today. I was going to keep it quiet – as one usually does – and then I thought, “Hey. I can’t be the only writer who deals with this sort of thing,” and decided a better idea would be to talk about it. [read more…]

Music is My Muse

Can I write without music? Certainly. Do I write better with music? You bet your buttons. Here, for your inspirational pleasure, are the current soundtracks for The Sundered. [read more…]