Health Update: March 2017

Well, here we are! We survived. Not all in one piece, but here, nevertheless.

Since my last update, my husband has been through a couple of surgeries, more than one miracle, and a TON of physical therapy.  We were able to hang Christmas lights on our house for the first time in our nearly-eleven-year marriage. We’re considering getting bicycles – though that would be much later, given that summers here are well in excess of 110°F (43°C for you civilised folks).

We’re not WELL. Neither of us are WELL. Years of leg trouble has given Duane some really bad back problems, ones which – so far – surgeons are afraid to touch lest they accidentally cripple him(!!). And I… well. I’ve been having some fairly scary symptoms indicative of muscular sclerosis or something very like it.

For the record, you may not be claustrophobic going into an MRI, but you will be coming out of it.

We’re doing all right. We’re happy together, very much in love, and very focused on surviving and, someday, thriving.

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