Ghostbusters Review by Ruthanne Reid

Ghostbusters Review

This movie is important.

I need to tell you how important.

There are spoilers.

Sorry is not enough

I’m sorry. But that’s not enough.

Today, a black friend of mine posted a picture of himself, unsmiling, in a restaurant – the owners of which had chosen to decorate the walls with pastoral scenes of slaves picking cotton. I’m sorry. But that’s not enough.

Team Reid 2016

Personal Update: Surgery Time

Fingers crossed, knees bent, hopes raised, and prayers raised: it’s the final countdown, and my heart is firmly lodged in my throat.

Sunset outside our home in Phoenix

Miracle on Hedgehog Street

This is a long, personal post. You don’t have to read it! However, for those of you who’ve wondered what’s been going on over the past year, I figured it was finally time to explain more in-depth. Long story short: in 2015, my husband nearly died.

Treasure the Little Moments

So this is a special Christmas. If there’s one thing this long, difficult year has taught me, treasure the time you have with your loved ones. Every moment really is special.

14 Years Since

Bit of personal business here today, but it matters: This is the 14th anniversary of the accident that nearly killed my husband Duane.

Not an Easy Announcement

Many of you noticed that Gorishfish disappeared for… well, a couple of months. There’s a reason for this. It’s time to explain it all.

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