Short Stories For the New Year

I’ve joined a writing club. It’s scary: it requires me to write something every single week for the next year.

You won’t be seeing all these tales, of course. A few are just personal rants or blog-posts. Some, however, are short stories, and these, I am utterly pleased to give you.

For now, here are three:

  • Freedom: A dark little tale about some folks from the future whom we’ll never see again.
  • No Home: One of the members of The Dream asked for his own side-story this week, and he got it. Warning: it’s sad.
  • Come With Me if You Want to Live: This is a snippet from a work-in-progress called The Price of a Feather. The protagonist, Alex, is a twelve-year-old boy with lots of problems; he’s intelligent and eloquent, but sheltered, weird, and – worst of all – he grew wings on his birthday. This set off a chain of events which will affect the whole world – and he might not survive them.

Enjoy. 🙂

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