14 Years Since

Bit of personal business here today, but it matters:

This is the 14th anniversary of the accident that nearly killed my husband Duane.

14 years ago today, he was run over and left for dead in the mountains of Colorado. 14 years ago today, the course of his life changed so completely that he and I are both still stumbling a little on the new road God gave him.

We met because of that accident.

He nearly died because of that accident.

He may be ill now because of that accident.

We are running the race together, learning this life together, attending seminary together, loving Jesus together because of that accident – even though it causes him pain every single hour, every single minute, every single day.

It’s a day of pain and memories and gratitude. It’s a day I celebrate that he’s alive.

It’s also a day requiring much thought, much prayer, and much love.

I love you, Duane Reid. I will run this race (or walk or crawl or hobble) with you to the end.

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