Writer's block has died in flaming, gory doom. ^_^ Here is a snippet from Kingmaker (renamed from Guardian). Enjoy! Wake up, Alex.Flashes of light, fire and heat dancing in darkness.…

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Pittsburgh Comic-con

So having come down off an amazing week spending time with friends, we have driven 900 miles and are now getting to work.

It’s the little things that make me happy. I’m at Pittsburgh Comic-con with artist Celine Chapus, and she just altered my badge to say, “Author in Training.” Yes! *fistpump* (The book behind the badge, btw, is Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. So far, quite good.)

This con is fun.  Grown-ups working hard at being imaginative make the best atmosphere – it doesn’t get better. Among others, we met Alain Viesca – fantastic artist – and some other authors in training who found inspiration in Celine’s characters. The talent represented here is phenomenal.

I would be much more coherent, but we drove approximately 16 hours to get here – I’m still a wee bit tired. So for now, you get a brand-new snippet from Witch-Hunter. Enjoy!


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