All Kinds of Updates

Mmm, quick updates via dad’s computer:

1. Will be sending my hard drive to folks in Canada. It helps that they were recommended by someone who had to use them, so I know they work; it also helps that (a) they don’t charge as much as most in the US, and (b) they have a “no-data, no-charge” guarantee – if they can’t recover my schtuff, they don’t get payment.

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….holy CRAP.

…well. Today’s been an interesting test in general.

Woke up. Somehow, the store was still not working; the company, which has been hosting stores since 1997 (that’s the paleolithic in Internet Age, so you understand) has NEVER SEEN THIS ERROR BEFORE.

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Okay folks, LISTEN UP, and listen good.

You may have received an email supposedly from Paypal telling you that you need to verify some of your information as routine security crap.

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I write this from the interesting position of the Albany airport. I had not intended to end up here, but hey – who tries to end up in Albany?

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Prep for Trip

YOW have I been busy. I am So sorry, folks. @_@

Leaving on trip tomorrow – driving cross country, which happens to be one of my favorite things to do; and I doing it with Bennett, who happens to be one of my favorite people.

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Friends Meme

I’m a geek, so I’m doing to do this little list thing I got from

Number of people on my LJ friends list: 17 people
…whom I’ve met in person: 3
…whom I’ve met in person more than once: 2
…whose house I’ve been to: 2
…who have been to my house: 2
…whose precise geographic location I know offhand: 3
…whose full names I know offhand: 4
…whom I’ve followed/been in touch with for more than 3 years: 12
…who live outside my country: 3 (?)
…whose journal I consider myself “addicted” to: er… I read all of them.

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Am now celebrating the return of my happy computer, who is named Subaru (kinda like has named hers Seishirou, and for just as many reasons – will type up those reasons later, I swear.

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Computer is back – but I can’t use it. ;_; Turns out that they DID have to replace that piece of hardware (not-the-motherboard), and it changed something about the OEM – er, that’s what I’ve been told, anyway.

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You’re Sesshoumaru!
Let everyone know which ‘Inu Yasha’ Character you
are! Just copy the HTML below and paste it into
your LiveJournal, DeadJournal, Other Journal,
Website, et cetera!

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Just finished reading Order of the Phoenix.

….I don’t even know what to say. Rowling just keeps getting better and better – and damnitall, I just couldn’t put this thing down.

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Eeeee hee hee heee… – hooded one is Hermione, hiding one is Ginny. – they have this sort of… large nest/ball thing that they adore.

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Okay. Marsh now has officially the weirdest site problem I have EVER seen. is redirecting to It has been for two days.

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Yup. Sick. _< Ah, well… what’s one to do.

I’m going back home tomorrow; sort of torn about this – I actually would have liked to have MORE time here, but one does what one must.

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