Here’s Your Sign

Hey. Creative soul, I’m talking to you.

This is your sign not to give up.

Maybe you’ve been looking for a sign of some kind, cringing in anticipation for the universe to tell you to quit, to stop dreaming, to grow up and put away those childish things.

This isn’t that kind of sign.This is the other kind. The one that tells you to keep going.

Why should you?

Because no one can tell your story but you. No one sees the world and can draw it the way you do. No one hears the songs you have in your head.

No one else is you. That means the things you’re creating are precious.

But the World is On Fire!

Yes, it is. That’s why we need you.

The act of creation is in itself an act of healing. Even when it’s done from anger. Even when it’s fearful, tentative, performed with clenched teeth and trembling ribs.

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Creation reminds us that life can be beautiful.

Creation reminds us that phoenixes rise from their ash.

Creation reminds us there we can be better people, that good eventually wins, that tomorrow is coming one way or another but it doesn’t have to be ugly.

Creation helps us see beauty where others see none.

Yes. I’m Talking to You.

Creative soul, you can do this. I know things are horrible, and yes, they might get worse; but that just means we need sing louder, shine brighter, and write harder.

This is your sign. Keep going. Your journey is nowhere near done.

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