Writing Prompt for the Holidays

I just received a fabulous email from SnoValley Writes, my old writing group before I moved to Seattle. It was so awesome that I knew I needed to share the crucial portion:

As has been tradition lately, I want you to just let your mind wander and marinate on what your writing goals for 2014 may want to be. Our next prompts in the new year will help you target in on what is most important and work towards that. But now is not a time to do — now is a time to think. Thinking is a part of the writing process, and sometimes we need to schedule in that time.

Given that the holidays are super busy for many of us, this is a good time to do just that: think. Think while you’re wrapping gifts, while you’re looking at holiday lights, while you’re doing the holiday dinner dishes….Take a bubble bath and just think.

What are your writing goals?
What do you most want to accomplish?
What do you most need to accomplish?
Who’s help might you need to elicit? Another writer? An agent? An editor?
When do you want to accomplish the goals by? (Keep in mind what you do and don’t have control over for this question…)

Think about all of those things in between the holiday busyness. Take notes if you can (I have a great app on my phone that means I can take notes and thoughts down any time I want…).

Don’t be surprised if new ideas come to you. Just jot them down. You don’t have to act on them. Thinking mode can do a lot of things to recharge your creativity — for many of you, you will find that following NaNoWriMo and the efforts to meet your 2013 goals, you’re going to need this “just thinking” time.

Am I saying to stop working? No. If you need or want to work on a project, do that. I’m just suggesting you take time to just think and not do at least for a little bit of time between now and January 8. This is a time to examine our writing life, is all. In every endeavor, you need to take time to measure, assess, and see what’s good, what needs improvement, and formulate a plan of attack for the next phase/goal.

I couldn’t possibly say any of this better. Thanks for the advice, Casz! As always, you and your words rock.

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