Three Weeks and Counting!

You may have noticed my absence. Never fear! It is due to Writing Focus, which tends to produce good things.

In about three weeks, The Christmas Dragon will be released, and I have to confess, I’m REALLY excited about it. All my writing projects since The Sundered have been so huge, so enormous, that none of them are finished yet – so this will be the first completed story since 2012. Yowza. Serves me right (write?) for tackling epic storylines. 🙂

You folks are incredibly patient. Thank you.

Anyway, I will be offering The Christmas Dragon free via the newsletter, and it will also be briefly free on Kindle. I hope you read and enjoy. I also hope you leave a good review, since that’ll help OTHER people to read and enjoy, as well. O0

See you soon. Back to editing for me!

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