The Sundered Query


Ahem. Here is the query under consideration:

Harry Iskinder knows the three things everyone needs to survive. One is balance – without it, he’d fall into the black water, and contact with the water is death. Two is boatmanship –  the ability to navigate successfully, to know how much salvaged weight a one-man skiff can hold, and where to sell it. Three is how to claim a Sundered One, because without the Sundered, there would be no human life at all.

Strange beings with the power to manipulate matter, the Sundered are burdened with an incomplete psyche, and are vulnerable to control. The raw willpower of a human being is enough to claim a Sundered like a puppet – at least until the Sundered One drops dead from the strain. The Sundered can touch the black water. The Sundered can coax food from the few remaining patches of unflooded ground. The Sundered can build cities, safe places for humans to live.

The Sundered are also going extinct.

Harry Iskinder knows what he needs to survive, but in the future, that won’t be enough. When the Sundered are gone, humans will die with them – unless he can find the legendary and mysterious Hope of Humanity. He believes it will fix the world. He believes it will save everyone.

Unfortunately for him, he believes a lie.

Soooo what do you think? The sample chapter is here. The manuscript is, I believe, ready to go. *chews nails* Thoughts? Feedback? Comments?

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