Sites and Snippets, Oh My!

Obviously, things have changed around here. I’m going to be editing and altering the look of this page later, but while the grunge thing was fun, it was also completely self-edited – that is, little old me, tweaking PHP and CSS, then using a slightly different PHP and CSS for my blog.

No longer!

The whole site is now run by WordPress, and it is really, really nice to be able to tweak ONE thing in ONE file and have it affect every page. Ahhhh. That’s the sound of author-woman relaxing.

And because you were nice and read this far… SNIPPET!

He stared at his shadow.

Shadows never seemed scary before, but this one did. It was too big. Misshapen, all funny and broad out to the sides.

As if responding to his own new fear of himself, Alex’s wings wrapped around his body in a soft, flexibly-feathery hug.

He screamed.

And then he was airborne.

How it happened, he never knew. His back still ached where the wings had burst through, tearing skin and for all he knew leaving him gaping and bleeding like a shark victim, and now he was forty feet in the air.

No no no, he panicked, and his wings listened to that, too – they disappeared.

What? He had time to think as he fell, and then he landed.

It wasn’t pretty. Crashing into the bush, through the trees and down almost to the shore, and when he finally rolled to a gasping, filthy stop, he realized his leg was broken.

That figured, didn’t it? Alex laughed. There was nothing else he could do.

Besides. It would heal in an hour. He’d never been so grateful to be strange.

Want more? Click here for the rest of the chapter!

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