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This quote from Lilith Saintcrow: “I always wanted to write a book. How do you get published? A: Persistence. Sheer dumb brute persistence. And luck, but the harder you work, the more likely you are to be lucky.” Read the rest of the article for more.

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I am one crazy-sleepy person today, so instead of posting properly, I’m giving you a bunch of links on, John Scalzi, writing comics, and the like. [read more]

Quick Update!

Let’s see, what’s going on? Just got back from grandma’s place, where we had a terrific time, though it’s still hard to see her struggling; I have kept up my decision to exercise five to six days a week, in the gym, first thing after I wake, and I feel good; also, still tweaking my query.

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I really need to start coming up with better titles for my posts. 🙂

Okay, here’s what’s up: going for a Super Sekrit Visit to a friend soon, which will result in additions to our household.

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Well, it’s been a long while since either Duane or I were sick, so I suppose it was due. We’ve picked up a little bug of some kind that’s made us achey, slightly feverish, and fairly nauseated.

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So, Alex is now off his shipping vessel and on the shore of Aberdeen (and boy will this sound confusing if THAT little event changes drastically), and a dear, dear friend of mine said something today: it has been four years since she and I began seriously talking.

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