Sundered Query: New Directions

I think… this just might be it.

Aakesh, king of the alien Sundered Ones, has struggled for centuries to free his people from human enslavement. Now, humanity’s greatest weapon – ironically called the “Hope” – is about to be turned on the Sundered in an act of genocide, putting Aakesh’s subtle manipulation and hobbled powers to the final test.

Aakesh’s owner, nineteen-year-old Harry Iskinder, doesn’t see things the same way. Suffering in a world inimical to human life, barely surviving through Sundered labor, Harry has been taught that the Hope is an Earth-wide panacea. This miraculous machine will somehow cure the planet’s problems, and he’s been tasked to find it. Burdened with legacy and driven by denial, Harry uses his slave Aakesh’s powers to find this Hope, fully intending to use it to save his people.

Only one species can survive – and maybe only one should. This soft science-fiction tale of the last embittered struggle between two species, told from Harry’s point of view, is complete at 97,000 words.

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