Sleepy Snippet

Heading home tomorrow. Been a truly unique experience. Also, I took over a thousand photos. Something tells me I have a lot of organizing to do. 🙂


Fact two: he had a horrible headache. Careful touching discovered a lump, a decent goose-egg of pain under blood-thickened hair, and that scared him. He’d been unconscious for a while – long enough, presumably, for that building to burn around him – and this wound hadn’t completely healed.

Maybe it had nearly killed him.

His wings fluffed.

Alex glared at them in all their poofy white glory. He hated body-parts that reacted whenever they felt like, regardless of his opinion. “You can’t do this,” he told them, not that it made a difference. “Everybody in the world’s going to know something’s wrong if you do that. Stop it.” They stayed fluffy. He’d have to calm down to soothe them. “All right. I’m not dead. Caelan’s not dead. Marietta’s all right, wherever she is. I am fine, we are all fine – ” The feathers were smoothing. “That’s better,” he mumbled, and wobbled. A head injury had obviously not improved his balance.

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